Your Rack Installation Wizard

Installation helper

In- and uninstallation of switches, patch panels, PATCHBOXes, small servers,…within a minute without extra support.

Setup.exe Installation helper
Setup.exe Configure a switch installation helper

Configure your switches

Give your laptop a rest while configuring a switch or a server.


Can carry components up to 15kg.

Setup.exe Patchbox Terminating patchpanel

Terminating patch panels

Helps you when terminating your patch panels.


– Tool Depot: carry your most important tools with you
– Cable Tie Arsenal: tie down anything easily
– Cage Nut Magazine: never search for cage nuts again
– Setup Desk: have both hands free while configuring/terminating
– Rubberised Top: prevents your gear from slipping
– Bolt Plunger: holds the Setup.exe firmly and engages itself
– Even Steven: perfectly balanced for easy use
– Dual Body: light and strong
– Rail Adaptor: adapts to your 19″ rail
– Tool Box Sized: fits in your toolbox
– Powder Coated: for maximum durability
– Magnetic Lock: carry it safely 
– Life Time Warranty